If you have a short story, novel, memoir, collection or series you’d like Michelle to review, please get in touch. No project is too small, and some may appear too large but can be brought under control with careful management. Michelle will read 1-5 pages first (free of charge) to see how expectations line up and to offer an initial summary of how she’ll approach your project, along with a price quote. Then the conversation will begin.

Michelle works individually and carefully with each author, at a pace and rate specifically mapped out according to each client’s needs and desires. She will help clarify language and storyline; she will make sure your words work on the page. She will help create a more polished product, unique and beautiful and ready for your next step — whether that includes sharing your story with family members, placing your work on a website or other online publication or sending your manuscript to a publisher (though interested parties should note that an assessment in no way assures commercial success, as publishers will make their own separate assessments of manuscripts).

Whatever your path, Michelle promises to work with you efficiently and effectively, and with good humour.

Most or all communication occurs electronically, beginning with email:


Video conferences may also take place via Skype, Google Talk or other means.

Rates are negotiated with each client once an initial set of pages has been reviewed and discussed. Everyone gets their money’s worth. Guaranteed.


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