in clients’ words, Michelle Elvy edits with…

experience * precision * compassion * flexibility * empathy * humour * integrity * insight * dedication * sensitivity * 

Michelle’s experience varies from magazine articles and travel writing to very short fiction and novel-length manuscripts, and she’s even worked with non-fiction manuals and biographical sketches, marketing content and websites. Trained as a historian and a university lecturer once upon a time, Michelle has edited texts in educational, corporate, fiction and creative non-fiction for print journals, e-zines and book-length collections.

She works as a mentor and private tutor with a range of writers who have a range of goals. Most recently, she has been editing a series of young adult adventure novels, a collection of short stories and poetry, a historical project straddling fact and fiction, an Aotearoa novella, a Te Araroa memoir, a dark meander up the Waikato, a nonfiction sailing adventure, a philosophical rumination on love, a rollicking ride through South America and flash fiction and prose poetry (on a daily basis).

Michelle’s work with you may involve structural editing, developmental changes, overall assessment of story arc and character motivation, or more specific line editing or copyediting –  or a combination thereof. It may also involve advising you as you fine-tune your synopsis and query letter, once you are ready to market your finished product.

Michelle edits in US, British and Aotearoa New Zealand English, according to the needs of clients and target audience. Having lived in the US, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Southeast Asia, East Africa and the South Pacific, she is adept at language and versatile in her approach to modern English. She is also fluent in German, should that be of significance to your project.


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